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Fast food is an inescapable factor of our society at this point. Fast food is the name given to the food that can be prepared and served quickly, and often serve at basic restaurants or in packaged form for convenient take away. It is typically inexpensive to buy, but at the same time unhealthy to eat.

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Weight management is a major challenge among the public nowadays mainly for the reasons of external appearance and to delay the risks for several non-communicable diseases. But at the same time there are large number of claims heard regarding diets

It is my pleasant duty and honor to release this message on the official launching of the website of Nutrition Society of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.  Department of Applied Nutrition of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka completed 20 years of nutrition training and community services in 2016.  People are more curious and are interested in what they eat and how foods relate to their health more than ever before. However, there are much conflicting information in the field of nutrition. Therefore the goal with this website is to provide you with reliable source of information on timely topics in nutrition.

Dr Renuka Silva

It is great pleasure to see Nutrition Society of Wayamba University (NutSoc) is year by year progressing well and achieving its objectives set out at its inception. Fifteen years ago, NutSoc was initiated by me with the support of the academic staff members of the Department of Applied Nutrition to provide opportunities for the young undergraduates following bachelor degree in Nutrition at Wayamba University. Several enthusiastic student leaders planned and implemented several outreach programmes more than a decade. 

Hiroshan Jayaranga

It’s a great privilege for me to deliver this message on the official website of nutrition society of Wayamba university of Sri Lanka as the president of the society .The nutrition is one of topical concerns among the people all around the world. Nutrition is an emerging, creative, and a vast subject area. Nutrition has so many dimensions which cannot be explored completely. Yet this web site will serve as the medium which connects the readers to the nutrition world. The truth behind the nutrition can only be understood when that is spread to the society via a reliable source.  Hence the information contained here are reliable, simple but with in-depth meaning. Accessing our  website will drive you learn more about  nutrition where the fruitful facts will help to enrich your healthy life!

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