Beat obesity! Don’t let obesity to beat you!

Are you ever been embarrassed by your friend or whoever, telling that you are fat? Then definitely, you might be seriously worried about thinking that, Am I that fat? Some of you might have been mistakenly thinking that you are fat and do so many things to reduce the body weight. Then how can you find out that whether you are actually obese or not. Simply you can use Body Mass Index (BMI) to find out that you are obese or not. You have to only know about your body weight and height. Then simply divide your weight in kilograms (kg) by square of your height measured in meters (m2).

                   Body Mass Index (BMI)

>25kgm-2 =    obese
23kgm-2 – 24.9kgm-2 =    overweight
18.5 kgm-2 – 22.9kgm-2 =    normal
<18.5kgm-2 =    underweight

If the value is greater than 25kgm-2, then yes! You are an obese person. But only BMI do not indicate that you are obese. It is important to get to know about your waist circumference with the BMI value. If you are a male your waist circumference should not be exceed 90cm, and if you are a female it should not be increased more than 80cm. When considering data from the world, almost two third of world’s population are overweight or obese.

Obesity is not actually a disease, but it can leads to most of the non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers.Not only that, there are so many other complications like respiratory problems, difficulties to sleep are associated with obesity. If you are already obese you might have faced those kinds of problems. But being obesity does not mean that you have those kinds of problems. But you are in a risk of having those complications. Therefore, it is very important to prevent those diseases before occurring these complications.

If you are already got those problems it is your duty to manage the condition properly.

You may have already undergone several diet plans but might not have got proper weight reduction. Most of you may try to skip meals, reduced portion sizes but still might not have reduced your weight. Actually skipping meals does not give any beneficial effect. It feels you more hunger and try to eat very large portion of food in next meal. But you can have small frequent meals; major three meals and two snacks in between major meals do not feel you hunger.

Most of the times obesity occurs due to wrong dietary habits and lifestyle factors. If you are used to consume fast foods, bakery products made out of refined flour, sweetened foods or drinks regularly in larger amounts, and sitting in front of the television or your computer without doing any exercise then you become obese. Rather than that try to incorporate whole grains like chick pea, cowpea, green gram like food at least three times per week for your

Try to consume whole grain cereals and their products instead if refined rice. When preparing foods using flour, like roti don’t cook them only using single type of flour like wheat flour but try to mix at least two flour types such as wheat flour and Atta flour like things if you are obese. Those foods increase your satiety and prevent overeating. Try to avoid deep fried foods such as French fries, potato chips like things. Try to consume at least 2-3 fruits, and 3-5 varieties of vegetables per day to get fiber. Reduce consumption of deep fried foods and rather than using coconut oil for all frying purposes try to consume monounsaturated oils like olive oil, and polyunsaturated oil like sunflower, canola like oil plus some nuts (peanuts, cashew nuts etc.)

If you are consuming alcohol try to stop or reduce it, otherwise it also gives extra energy to your body and makes you obese. Rather than diet it is better to change your life style habits also. If most of the hours per day you stay sitting, then try to do aerobic exercise or do a sport at least 30 minutes per day. If you spending a busy life style, working in an office environment at least try use staircase to climb upstairs rather than using elevator.

If your child is obese, change gradually family eating habits, encourage them to do exercise or a sport. Do not give sweets as a reward and reduce them spending time in front of television and computer to less than 2 hours per day. It is very much important to prevent childhood obesity; since they have a higher risk of having obesity related non communicable diseases as mentioned before, during their adulthood.

Obesity is an enemy of your life. Obesity pulls you into a huge health risk. It is you responsibility to beat obesity before obesity beats you.

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