Events – 2017

Diabetes walk

The Diabetes walk 2017 was held on 2017.11.12 at Galle face Green Colombo as the commemoration of the world diabetes day 2017. The walk was held under the theme on “Healthy Women & a Healthy Nation”. Participation of NutSoc especially the third year students of department of Applied Nutrition and second year students of the faculty added more color to the walk as previous. Further the NutSoc arranged and maintained a stall on the exhibition after the walk to educate the public regarding the sugar content of different food items. The campaign and activities are annually organized by Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists and Sri Lanka Diabetes Federation to educate and draw attention of the public on prevention of diabetes.

Nutrition Screening Program on Slim Line

A one day nutrition screening and counseling program was arranged by Nutsoc according to the invitation made by Slim Line Knit Wears on 25 th of October in 2017 at factory area of Slim Line Knit Wears Pannala. The Program was conducted by Nutsoc with the great dedication of third year students of department of Applied Nutrition. The guidance of the senior lecture of the department of Applied Nutrition AMNT Adikari and the valuable contributions of the passed out and forth year students of department of Applied Nutrition for counseling led the program to success. Working staff of the Slim Line Knit Wears at Pannala factory were targeted by the program and the workers engaged nutritional screening, counseling, and the exhibition throughout the day and collected more and more healthy tips to their busy life.

Nutrition Wellness Center

The adult malnutrition prevalence among Sri Lankans (underweight and macro & micro nutrient deficiencies) becomes a huge burden for the development of the country. Universities are one of the key organizations for large adult gatherings. This community is a vulnerable group for the above issues due to improperly standardized diets from university canteens or outside and exposed to unhealthy behavioral factors such as low physical activity and stressful educational environment. Thus, majority of students as well as employees are in need of correct guidance on proper eating and behavioral modifications. Nutrional Wellness Center was established as an answer for this situation.

Nutritional wellness center is one of a great idea of academic staff of Applied Nutrition and activated by Nutsoc especially third year students of department of Applied Nutrition. As the pioneer academic institutes in country on Human Nutrition, majority of the dietitians and nutritionists working in the leading hospitals and other institutes are department products. The project was launched with the objective to provide solutions for nutrition related issues of individuals in the university community who seek support and promote positive behavioral changes among university community to improve nutrition and well being. Further, make the nutrition care process familiar to specialization students with the exposure to real life case handling also another objective in this project.

The center is established on the waiting area of the dietetic laboratory of Applied Nutrition department Wayamba University, Makadura Premises. There are five potential nutritionists/ dietitians attached with the Nutrional Wellness Center. The center opens for students, academic and non-academic staff members on every Wednesday from 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm. The nutritionists (who had hospital training)/ dietitians attached to the staff of department of applied nutrition will work as nutrition counselors. People who have the requirement of the Nutritional Wellness Center should make an appointment by filling an appointment slip and put in to the box established near the dietetic lab. The name of the nutritionist/dietitian who is available on the given week also display on there.

School awareness programs

Nutritional awareness programs were held in schools of Gamapha, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu and Jaffana. The title which discussed on the program was Adolescent Nutrition. Nutrition during adolescent stage is an important topic that we have to discuss among the school students.  During this stage the adolescents undergoes to many physiological changes where Good nutrition is considered important factor to build a healthy life. They facing growth spurt in this stage and the Nutrition during this stage not only contribute to current adolescent age. But also, It helps to future life also. For example, The if the girls have good nutrition during the adolescent stage may contribute to good health in their pregnant stage also. Therefore, through this programe the nutritional awareness were delivered to Students.

Nutrition Month Activities

Displaying Nutrition Messages

Posters containing Nutrition messages were displayed in hostels and university premises such as canteens and dietetic lab through which nutritional tips are conveyed to the university population.

Fund raising programs

Selling Milk

Milk is a nutritious food which contains all macro nutrients including carbohydrate, fat and protein. But, the students can’t afford and available within the university premises. Because of it is unavailable within the University. So, Nutrition societies make available within the University premises and sell it to the students.

Selling Popcorn

The popcorn selling activity was done to provide healthy snack to university students.

Selling key tags

Selling key tag is one of our fund raising programs.  But we use it is another method to spread the nutritional messages to the people. It means, key tag carried the nutritional messages. When the people who are buying the key tag they will get to know about the nutritional messages, which can help them to build a happy and healthy life.

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