Message from the Senior Lecturer & Founder of Nutrition Society of WUSL

Dr Renuka Silva

It is great pleasure to see Nutrition Society of Wayamba University (NutSoc) is year by year progressing well and achieving its objectives set out at its inception. Fifteen years ago, NutSoc was initiated by me with the support of the academic staff members of the Department of Applied Nutrition to provide opportunities for the young undergraduates following bachelor degree in Nutrition at Wayamba University. Several enthusiastic student leaders planned and implemented several outreach programmes more than a decade.

NutSoc activities were always supported by the Vice Chancellors, Deans, Heads of Departments, academic, administrative and non-academic staff members of the University. Students who involved actively in implementing activities of NutSoc learned not only how to apply nutrition knowledge and skills they learned in the degree programme but also learned how to commit for the well-being of the society and understand their social responsibility.

At present the NutSoc is one of the most active students’ societies in the University with a well-focused action plan and strong financial resources accumulated through student activities.  I must congratulate Past Presidents, Office bearers and Senior Treasurers for their untiring efforts for the success of NutSoc.  I am very delighted to see every year all budding young nutritionists join their hands in several exciting and effective community programmes to enhance the nutrition awareness of the society. At the time the Department of Applied Nutrition celebrates its 20th anniversary, I sincerely anticipate that the present and future members of the NutSoc will use this platform to widen their learning experience through very productive community activities using novel approaches.

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