Miracle of mother’s gift

“Breast Milk” is the most valuable gift that a baby can have after the birth. It is a right of every human being to have the nourishment from their mother. Here I used the term “Mother’s milk because actually is a miracle production within mother’s body. There is a saying in the society as “Baby’s cry stimulates breast milk production. The actual reason is, when a baby cries mother feels more affection and then it can secrete more milk. So, both breastfeeding by mother and having breast milk by the child occur with the strong relationship of mother and the child.

As mentioned initially, breast milk is the most valuable gift to a child. There are some reasons related to that. One reason is baby can’t have each and every nutrient from food. In this age breast milk is the most suitable food they have to have. It provides complete nutritional needs until baby gets six months old and it provides half of the nutritional needs between six to twelve months of age. And also one third of nutritional requirements are completed between twelve to twenty-four months of age.

breast milk

Breast milk has protein, iron, poly-unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, lactose and other micronutrients in correct proportions. These nutrients are responsible for the development of brain functions, motor skills, psychological behaviors, immune system functions and facilitate the growth of the baby also.

When consider about breast milk, Colostrum is very much important. It is produced in the first few hours after the birth. Colostrum is a rich source of Vitamin A and other nutrients. So, it plays a major role in functioning of eyes, skin, immune system and mucosal membrane. Another important point is that, soon after the birth infant is having an immature digestive system. So, breast milk is the most suitable food because it is easily digested.

With the time baby is growing. Then breast milk alone cannot fulfill the requirements of growing infant. But as a miracle by the nature composition of breast milk changes according to developing needs of the baby. We can call an infant as a “immature man”. Initially they are not having well developed organs and systems. As example, their immune system is having poor functioning. But, from breast milk they can have a complete anti-nutritive barrier against various types of infections. Specially, immunoglobulin from mother is transported to the child. This incidence has proven by researches as the infants who have breastfed have less number of getting illness than infants who have fed with breast milk substitutes.

IRegular growth rate is a very important indicator for an infant. As mentioned above breast milk play a major role there. During this period, properly breastfed infants gain weight gradually and also breast milk helps to reduce the risk of getting certain diseases such as diarrheal conditions, acute respiratory infections, otitis media, reducing the risk of malnutrition and infant deaths. Other than these diseases it reduces risk of meningitis, urinary tract infections, eczema, diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome and also chronic intestinal diseases.

Other than the advantages mentioned above, another important thing is breastfeeding acts as a bridge to enhance the relationship between mother and the child. It is a pleasure to both mother and the baby giving milk and having milk. The baby begins to familiarize with the warmth, smell, voice and also with attitudes of mother and make a strong bond. It is a good foundation to the development of personality as well as attitudes of the child’s later life. Actually, breast milk producing process, lactation process all of them are miracles of nature. It becomes the baseline of economical, societal, cultural development of the society automatically.

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