What is metabolic syndrome?

What are the non-communicable diseases? These are diseases that can not be transmitted one person to another. Such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney diseases and etc.When we consider about  the “Metabolic Syndrome” it is not a diseases in itself. It is a group of risk factors for cluster of metabolic disorders.

Next we’ll discuss about the risk factors that I have mentioned.

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Un-health cholesterol level
  • Abdominal fat accumulation
  • LDL level and TAG level

Normally a person should have his or her blood pressure less than 120mmHg(systolic) and less than 80mmHg(diastolic) If not in this levels that person has a high risk of get above mentioned Non-communicable diseases

Normal blood sugar level is less than 100mg/dl (fasting blood sugar level,10hrs fasting). Under the lipid profile test total cholesterol level, HDL cholesterol level Triglyceride levels are tested. Total cholesterol level should be less than 200mm/dl. Triglyceride level should be less than 150mm/dl, LDL cholesterol should be between 60-130mm/dl and HDL level should be more than 60mm/dl. If a person has an abnormal lipid profile result he or she has a high risk of getting non-communicable diseases.

Most commonly fat are deposited in the abdominal area. Therefor develop the big belly. This can identify as the pear shape of the body. This also a factor of metabolic syndrome. If a person has three of this risk factors normally called that person has metabolic syndrome.

There are some risk factors for metabolic syndrome. Those are

1) Obesity-obesity leads to insulin resistance.

2) Insulin resistance – insulin is a hormone that help your body to use glucose, this can lead to diabetes. Insulin is closely connected to the excess weight of the belly.

3) Unhealthy lifestyle –Eating more from the outside, eating more processed foods, eating more high sugary and high fat foods.

The metabolic syndrome is not a disease, it is an indicator of risk of a person to get sick. Most commonly we can identify this metabolic syndrome people, if we can identify this risk factors earlier we can reduce high blood pressure by reducing the high consumption of salt, blood glucose level also can control reducing high sugary food ,refine carbohydrate and etc. After testing lipid profile we can control our lipid levels also by using different suitable diet plans with dietitian’s advice.

Dear all now time has come to understand this problem .If people has a clear idea, we can prevent from all non-communicable diseases. Don’t waste time now start to prevent from the “Metabolic Syndrome”.

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